Director's Remarks

    Suzhou Kunqu Opera Theatre of Jiangsu, as a professional troupe in Kunqu birthplace, insists on reform and innovation, as well as exploration and practice in the past five years. We have achieved a large development of protecting Kunqu, producing arts, training the talents and inheriting the culture. We effectively carry on the idea of building and running a professional troupe; explore new methods on arts products and ways on distribution of art resources; construct the cooperation system at home and abroad, as well as social operation; realize the task of inheriting on operas, talents and audience; train active, diligent and harmonious team spirit.
    This year is a new beginning for troupe’s development, we are confident and well understand how important and difficulty the task is. Undoubtedly, we would explore the deeper meaning as well as protect and spread Kunqu opera with full responsibility and high passion as before, and try our best to enlarge the arts.

    Cai Shaohua, Suzhou citizen, has worked from 1980 and taken the charge of Suzhou Kunqu Opera Theatre of Jiangsu since 2002. During these years, he consistently improves troupe management, art products and talents training in all aspects. He insists on reform and innovation, leads staff to strive for kunqu’s inheritance, sets up a new method of producing arts and arranging art resources. Under his charge, the theatre has successfully rehearsed four symbolic Chinese opera---The Peony Pavilion (young edition), The Palace of Eternal Life, Beauty Xishi and Mountain Lanke to realize the task of spreading operas, talents and audience, which marks that the target of current period has been achieved